Car Hopper

CarHopper is an innovative web platform and mobile app that wants to change the way you rent a car. Instead of going to rental car companies or car dealerships, CarHopper allows you to rent your car from locals in your area. The goal for CarHopper was for the design to be intuitive, elegant, beautiful and functional across all platforms. Download the app now and ride into an easier, less expensive, and more convenient lifestyle.

Built with: PHP / MySQL / JS / Redis / Laravel / AWS / Android / iOS
Built for:
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Go sushi

Restaurant website tied within the online ordering system via API. Features: user accounts, delivery radius, delivery preferences, pickup options, cart, multiple venues

Built with: PHP / MySQL / JS / Redis / Laravel / AWS

Be My Artist

Browse local artists and become an art patron. Features: User accounts, messaging system, rating, shop, geolocation and navigation, business administration panel.

Built with: PHP / MySQL / JS / Custom MVC Framework

The Very Warm

Magento eCommerce Online Shop Features: Magento, Cart, Payment, Customize your item

Built with: HTML5 / PHP / MAGENTO / STRIPE


Medium like social blogging social network. Feature highlight: User accounts, messaging system, likes and shares, video services integration, platform administration panel.

Built with: NodeJS / Angular2 / MongoDB / ExpressJS / AWS